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Recycle Cleaner ActiveX

What is Recycle Cleaner ActiveX?

Recycle Cleaner ActiveX 2.2.3 is a dll control for software developers and software authors. With this control you can check the Recycle Bin for files, folders and shorcuts once deleted in a flash including additional information.

Fast and easy.

Recycle Cleaner ActiveX control allows you to delete files in the basket, get information on the basket, a list of files in the Recycle Bin, as well as operations with remote files in the cart, such as: removal and showing the properties of one or more files. It also shows the principle for monitoring the basket. Well, the Recycle Cleaner ActiveX is easy to use, easy to integrate into your application, and fits all your requirements.

Install and try.

The installation program of the Recycle Cleaner ActiveX 2.2.3 contains a free trial mode of the activex component, and C# sample.



  • Recycle Cleaner ActiveX Control.
  • Ready, runs fast and easy to the use.
  • One code line.
  • Error handling.
  • Many properties.
  • Many events.
  • Free trial.
  • Much more.

Methods and Events:


  • ScaningStart (void)
  • ScaningAbort (void)
  • CleaningStart (void)
  • CleaningAbort (void)


  • OnError ([in] LONG error)
  • OnProgress ([in] BSTR itemName,[in] LONG Progress)
  • OnItemChanged ([in] LONG index, [in] BSTR itemName)
  • OnScaningStart ()
  • OnScaningFinish ([in] VARIANT_BOOL Abort)
  • OnCleaningStart ()
  • OnCleaningFinish ([in] VARIANT_BOOL Abort)

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